Washington County Auditor

“Kristine knows how to have the tough conversations that are vital to having transparent and accountable government.” – Multnomah County Auditor Jennifer McGuirk

“Kristine is the leader Washington County needs to revitalize the Auditor’s Office when accountability has never mattered more.” – King City Mayor Jaimie Fender


Welcome, Friends!

I am Kristine Adams-Wannberg, and I’m running for Washington County Auditor.  I believe auditing has an important role in continuous learning, process improvement, and equity and inclusion.  I am committed to using audit resources to examine programs that impact people’s lives and help county government be responsible with its power and resources.

My Priorities

  • Right Sizing Audits
  • Community Input
  • Improved Communication

Audits can take a long time to get out.  When they take too long, the information becomes stale and less useful.  As County Auditor, my office will perform a range of audits.  This includes some with limited scopes, so information can get out sooner.  Other audits may take longer and be more complex, but we may release information in a series of reports, rather than holding information too long.

I believe community input is a critical way to assess what services are most important and/or may need attention – and what to audit!  My office will have a better mechanism for the public to submit topics year-round.  I will reach out to local government jurisdictions and the community on issues and programs they feel would be useful to examine.

The audits I am hearing community interest in are:


Coordination between the County and partners serving encampments


Effectiveness of the County’s mental health services for youth


Efficiency of getting out federal pandemic funding

Do you have a suggestion for an audit topic?

There is little communication from the Auditor’s Office about its work.  I believe we need more than just a website.  I will develop a communications strategy that focuses on communicating with the public and reaching a wide audience so that people know about the work the Office does.


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